Raising appreciative, thankful and respectful children (Manila, Philippines)

Just a few days ago, we saw majority of our children stuff their Halloween baskets with sweets. In less than 50 days, we will witness once again, our children unwrap a mountain of toys under the Christmas tree.

No doubt, we all want our children to be more appreciative of the gifts they receive during the holiday season, but how do we raise a thankful child and teach them that the real pleasure of the holiday is in giving?

With so much distraction these days, it becomes more difficult to be mindful and appreciative of what is around us. Emphasis on tradition and togetherness, love and thankfulness take a sideline, as we tend to put more importance on the “frivolities” of the holidays. We forget that when our children grow up, it’s not the toys that they got or didn’t get that they are going to remember, but the traditions and family activities of the season.

Since thankfulness is a learned life skill, it needs to be nurtured daily through our own words and deeds, while keeping our child’s development in mind. For instance, since young children are only beginning to comprehend that “please” and “thank you” are more than magic words that please Mommy and Daddy, they don’t understand the concept of gratitude in the way that adults do. No matter, it is important to give a lot of attention to their spontaneous hugs and kisses as a measure of their show of gratitude towards you.


Martin Dwyer
Application Developer
Rachel Wright
Art Director & Photographer
Andrew Butler
Photographer & Illustrator
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